Daily Bread



I rose this morning feeling a bit out of place.

 I went through everything on my ‘To Do’ list; still, this feeling could not be erased. 

I could not figure it out and felt a little dismayed. 

But then I realized what the problem was… I had not prayed!

You & I

 Our intimate moment warmed by the setting of the sun

    Safely in your arms, I rest, secure you are the only one

       Here and now we embrace, unconcerned of the people passing by

           You are my heart, my love, the apple of my eye


I Do...

 A symbol of love held in our wedding rings

   But that doesn't compare to how much joy you bring

       You are the piece that completes me, the beating of my heart

          To have and to hold, 'til death do us part.

                               This I vow to you... 


Fire & Desire

Our passionate hearts burn with desire as we draw closer to ecstasy 

   Shivering softly as our lips touch and your hands sculpt up & down my body 

         The wetness of your skin, the warmness of your breath; a soothing remedy  

              And a blazing fire ignites as we release our melody 

                               Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Lady Bug

 I am considered as good luck, eating away at the pests so your plant of life may grow. 

      Feeding you vibes of good energy; may it be good energy you sew. 

           A symbol of beneficial greatness in your hands you hold. 

                 You ask me why you see three? Because you're blessings are triple-fold. 

                                            Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey




I  walk a road, a field full of dreams. 

    Many have assumptions, but nothing appears as seems. 

             Some say, "Stop, before you reach a dead end." 

                     What they don't understand is this road is were my life begins. 

                               Promises on my heart engraved in stone.  

                                           I am certain, I do not walk alone. 

                                                       Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



These words are apart of me written on every part of my being. 

           I live to be "love" the strength of my soul, everyone has a part in this world, and I must fulfill                         my role.

                                         Releasing bitterness, accepting what will be. 

                                               Allowing my value to shine through me. 

                                                                      Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



This used to be our spot, the place we met when we were young. 

       We were full of life & love; I often reflect on where it's gone. 

            We held hands on this bench & spoke of our hopes & dreams. 

                Now there's nothing but silence & space in between. 

                     What happened to us? 

                                           Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



Gazing upon the stars, my soul is in awe of this graceful sight.

   My faith is strengthen from what's unseen, a peace so calming within me. 

      And though it may appear that I stand alone, there's a light that guides towards heavenly home. 

            Reminding me there's purpose beyond mine. 

                                             Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



In a land where fields are draped in lavender and the moon gazes into you. 

  The water of life freely flows; there's greener through and through. 

     Power of enlightenment strikes and the mountains strengthen your eyes.

          Stars twinkling are everlasting & your dreams never die. 

                             Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



Upon the lake I see my reflection as I stretch to encourage the world.

  A warm up I need in the dew of the morning to help every boy and girl. 

     My bff runs beside me, encouraging me along the way. 

         And as we take off we look around singing praises to another glorious day. 

                        Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



Alone with my thoughts I write down with pen on a pad. 

  Overthinking the fight you and I just had. 

      You ask me how I'm feeling, but directly to you I can not say. 

         It's partly because I feel my words will just get in the way. 

                      Copyright (c) Pre.Kaya' Gilkey