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 Tamu Snow (aka t.g.s) is a poet, writer, and author of the soon to be released book “The Dawning”.  Surviving childhood sexual abuse then later navigating life as a queer woman of faith in the black community, has given her a unique perspective on life in America. She understands the importance of allowing people to speak their truths without censorship, to feel their pain without judgment and to ultimately free themselves from victim-hood. When she isn’t writing poetry or screenplays, Tamu likes to drive up to the mountains of Colorado, roller skate and find amazing places to enjoy Pho or Street Tacos. 

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The Dawning

 Hello everyone! It is with great pleasure (and relief) that I announce the release of my book “The Dawning”, a collection of poems that journal some of my life experiences. Currently it is only available as an e-book but hopefully will be available for print in the very near future! The writing of this book was about me stepping out on faith and believing that the gift God gave me can help others and is what I’m supposed to be doing in life. I priced it at $5.99 not because I don’t believe in the value of my work, but because it’s more important to me that it’s accessible to as many people as possible. We’ve all had the experience of listening to a song or reading a book that not only let us know we weren’t alone in our pain or in our hopes for a better future but were also able to say it in a way we couldn’t. I’m hoping my words will be able to do that for someone. I pray that you all will support this book, tell others about it, and leave a rating on Amazon as I believe that there is a good Purpose attached to it. Thank you in advance and God bless! 


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The Harm of Isolation


Pain can make us isolate ourselves. 

We believe that by doing so, no one can harm us. 

But while that is true, we can still be hurt. The harm will come from ourselves.

 By cutting ourselves off, we keep everyone out and are left with only our own thoughts,

which can become very negative and self-deprecating. 

We can find ourselves in a mental and spiritual trap that only reinforces our pain instead of giving us clarity. 

While taking some time to heal is very healthy, we must be careful not to allow a place of healing to become a place of hiding and self-sabotage. 

Remember, pain is conquered by love, self-love and the love we receive from others, 

and the only way people can love us is if we let them in. 

Copyright © 2019 Tamu Snow (t.g.s.)

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Eternal visions of completion fill my mind, giving much-needed life to the parched husk of my soul

Lifting eyes of wonder, I cry out with the voice of my ancestors and serenade creation; releasing my spirit to join the dance of the ages

Words of truth rest upon my open wounds like salvations salve and healing kisses settle upon my lips

Life’s blood caresses and quickens; bringing to remembrance the heritage of promises that births initiation bequeathed

Loves Presence coaxes faith’s emergence and enlightens destiny’s path

Totality wraps securely around me unhindered by insecurities attempts at penetration

Breaths snatched by indecisions tempest, returns to me on the backs of eagles; crisp and cleansing

Within me beats the heart of a formidable people

Their sweat soaked brows and calloused hands my impetus

Their hopes, my reality

Copyright © 2019 Tamu Snow (t.g.s.)


The Process

 There are times in life when it seems like everything you do fails. 

When you look around at all those who pass you by and are convinced that they are doing it “right” and that’s why they are smiling. 

The truth more often than not, is that they are struggling too. 

They are failing too. 

Life is full of seasons. 

Some seasons are for learning and growing and these are the times we struggle and fail. 

Some seasons are for resting and rejuvenating and these are the times when we are not struggling but we are not necessarily succeeding either.

 Then, there are the seasons when the struggles and the failure meet the resting and rejuvenation and success happens. 

The reason why is because when we struggle and fail, we are learning what “not” to do but we don’t understand that until we are still long enough to reflect. 

Once we’ve allowed ourselves the time to think, we can see a clearer path and once we’ve rejuvenated our energy, we have the strength to step out once again.  

We find our success not because we have the answers, but because we have the process. 

There will always be new problems that require new answers, but if you know how to allow yourself to go through the seasons/process, you will always find success. 

Copyright © 2019 Tamu Snow (t.g.s.)