Digging Deep With Pre.Kaya'

Oddly Bloomed

One day my grandmother clarified why I had been given such a unique name;

Tilling the garden, she began to share with me a parable of how all flowers are beautiful, although they do not all blossom the same;

Some need the birds and the bees in order for them to reproduce,

Not all are brightly colored; take for instants the daylily called the “brown recluse”—

Unique amongst its kind, it’s magnificent still to gaze;

Its blooms are rich with mahogany brown and once it captures you, in awe you’ll stand amazed;

Something so different, has been so beautifully and wonderfully made

And there’s a reason why they choose to name it after a poisonous spider in which everyone is afraid.

The more I grew, the more I pondered, and then one day that parable became clear—

I do not have to conform to be accepted in this world, even though being labeled as different is what most people fear.

~P. 51 Exposed Poetry Memoirs Copyright (c) 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Pre.Kaya’ Gilkey is a Poet, Entrepreneur,  Author of debut book  Exposed Poetry Memoirs,  and Featured Contributor Writer for  BIZCATALYST 360°


Wake Up!

I come from a generation that doesn’t know how to fight poverty because we’re too busy fighting one another;

And, then I look around, seeing the generations after me; who mostly have teenage mothers.

Strangers to a country we built, but we stay at the bottom of the chain,

Reminding myself of the strong black leaders before me. Was their entire struggle to remain in vain?

They were brutalized, demeaned, assassinated, so that we may have a chance;

But my brother, my sister, we’ll walk by each other without a smile or even a glance;

We are the only race who refuses to be untied, which is why our situation tarries out the same;

Our laziness has overtaken us, comfortable with always having the system to blame.

Then we spit fire to those who’ve made it, calling them an “Uncle Tom,”

The definition of the word that was meant to damage us is now embraced and all respect is gone.

Some are recording police brutality with mindset to just get paid,

While overlooking our everyday lives, how many brothers have we slain?

MY PEOPLE! Our struggle is within ourselves and until the day, we master being unified,

Our idleness will sustain our downfall, leading their persecution—justified!

Copyright (C) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Let's Talk


Ladies, my ladies, why is our smile gone?

Our struggles are here for a reason, giving us strength to move on;

We are not defeated, though it seems that life may not go our way;

Our smiles should always remain present because we’ve made it through another day.

Our worth is far above rubies, we are a gift that should be cherished;

Yet we walk with a frown, thinking all in life has perished;

What we have is precious; it’s not an award to be given for that hour

When we receive one non-deserving, it’s our self-esteem we devour.

We are not dolls to be played with, and then later placed on a shelf;

This situation arises from the lack of love for ourselves;

We should not define ourselves as the epitome of someone’s delusion,

Nor should we be labeled in a category of facing destitution.

I understand the load may be heavy, but we need to replenish our minds,

Beauty comes from within and all wounds will heal in time.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Oh no, he loves me, he really does,

He just had a hard day’s work, or at least I think that’s what it was.

He’s not always this way; I just caught him at a bad time,

I’m sure if I do everything right from now on, then things will work out fine.

No, he really loves me; he just had too much to drink,

I know once the swelling goes down, then I’ll be able to blink.

I shouldn’t have upset him by bringing up the bills we have to pay,

But, once he sobers up, I’m sure that everything will be okay.

Oh, what these bruises? No, no, I just fell down:

I was texting when I was walking and tripped over a rock on the ground.

Clumsy me, you know I never watch where I’m going,

I’m just a little bit sore right now, but I’ll be fine in the morning.

No, please officer, don’t arrest him, like he said we were just having a lovers spat,

During our argument, I was lifting something heavy and accidentally pulled out my back,

Things have been so hard on him lately, having to look for a new job and all

But thank you for your inquiry and the next time this happens, I will be sure to give you a call,

No mama, no need to worry, I’ll be released from the hospital soon,

But the doctor said that it may be a while before I’m able to eat with a spoon.

I told him back home I wasn’t going, unless he’s willing to change,

He said he was sorry for everything he’s done and never meant to cause me any pain.

I know that I’ve left him before, but it’s different this time, because he’s gone the extra mile,

He’s taking anger management classes now and he’s also been sober for quite a while.

I understand how concerned you are, but I really want this relationship to work,

It took you a moment before you left daddy; I remember you going through years of getting hurt.

No! I never saw this one coming; I never even noticed the sign,

The body that the mortician’s preparing, is the life that used to be mine.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Social Media


Your mind becomes clouded with the likes and dislikes of what you may post,

Addicted to someone else’s opinion of you when it should be yours that matters the most,

A device with so much information for some became a tool for degrading,

An object that has been used by sick minds for child pornography and baiting,

A new way of bullying has now been imposed,

A snap-chatting torture of false information exposed,

Young hearts so heavy, their way of solving a problem is used with a gun,

Fed up with the emptiness felt by those who’ve mocked them for fun,

Self-worth is becoming more materialistic, it’s now bringing pain,

People are killing for the hell of it, then pleading insane,

Authorities are using their positions to cover up “white collar crime,”

A bribe to the helpless leaving those who refuse to follow behind.

There’s a thief in the night determining a way to get in,

Robbing us of our possessions, casting all we’ve worked hard for to an end.

Yet, our eyes still remain shut, how much more will it take

For us to reach our turning point and recognize what’s at stake?

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey #DiggingDeep

Dark Shadows Overcome

Right now, we’re living in a time of uncertainty bewildered about what will happen next;

So intrigued by social media, our minds have become perplexed.

There are distraught and frustrated families that are being torn apart from lack of documentation,

We’re demeaning other cultures in a paranoid avoidance of a foreign invasion,

Our country indicates we’re open to diversity and I know the laws are meant to protect,

Consequently, this means those who are not legalized our country has to reject.

It seems as if history is repeating itself, back again to segregation,

Everyone is turning against one another, creating our own annihilation,

But these dark shadows will overcome if we learn to be more forceful,

Our constitution begins with, “WE THE PEOPLE,” so people let’s be more resourceful.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


Not Armed


When I was a child, I was taught to respect and trust in you,

But our relationship began to deteriorate the more that I grew;

I’ve often wondered what was done for you to treat me so disgracefully

Because the more I matured into an adult, the more I experienced your brutality.

I’ve observed on numerous occasions how you’ve treated people of color in the past,

Heard others’ testimonies of how often they were being degraded and harassed,

Witnessed you draw your weapon without any attempt of defusing the situation,

Beat your victims defenseless without reservation.

I once thought of you as a hero, believing you would be there to protect me,

But now, I’m appalled by your actions of how you continue to abuse your authority;

Now what do I tell my children? Because you’re becoming more dangerous than a stranger,

Worrying day after day, if I will be the next victim in which you decided to take out your anger.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey


I did the crime, but still doing time, even though I’ve been set free

Out brand new, so what am I to do, to earn equal opportunity?

I’ve turned around, but still let down, because of the mistakes I’ve made;

I just need a chance or even one glance from someone who’s not afraid.

I try so hard, but can’t get very far in making up for the things that I lack,

I’m staying focused, but they think I’m ferocious, and my mind is constantly under attack.

My future is imprisoned; I often have visions about everything that I’ve done wrong,

My every move is calculated, but I’m rehabilitated, and determined to remain strong.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey




Lazy, destructive, poverty-stricken imbeciles, natural-born killers by name,

Ungrateful charitable cases looking for others to blame,

Fight amongst each other daily, living in neighborhoods that are torn down;

Majority are imprisoned, even more underground;

Unmotivated goal obtainers, waiting to be thrown a bone;

Appeased with only street hustling, future is unknown;

Backstabbing, hollow, selfish people, only looking out for one’s self;

Envious of what another has, contaminating everyone else;

This is not how we should be labeled, my brother and my sister,

Change by the thousands can create echoes; whereas, only one can create a whisper.

Copyright (c) 2017 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey